About Climate Crisis And Me

Climate Crisis And Me is a blog about the climate crisis: a way to educate myself on the issues and take action. Join me on my journey!

How did it start?

I originally had grand ambitions when I set up Climate Crisis And Me: I wanted to catalogue the global community’s voice on climate crisis, to record those voices who were often silenced or unheard.

But the realities of juggling motherhood with a job at a busy NHS hospital, meant I had little time to really invest in the project I cared about so much.

I also suffered from that irritating affliction called Imposter Syndrome and worried when people made pointed comments about me not being perfect enough to have a voice – i.e. a hypocrite.

Well screw that. I’m not perfect; I am perfectly imperfect.

You don’t have to live as a hermit to care about climate change.

The change we need is infrastructural.

It will take us all to make a difference: from sectors such as energy, banking, transport, fashion and property to the role we play as individuals in the food we eat, the journeys we take and the size of families we chose to keep.

We all have a role. We all have a voice.

I am not perfect. I am a happy but tired mum trying to live ethically while also keeping up with work, friendships, my lovely husband and family and somehow squeezing in the occasional wellbeing or adrenalin-based activity for myself.

Fact: I sometimes forget my reusable bag when I go shopping. I sometimes eat red meat.

But the important thing is I care, I’m always striving to do better and here’s the two crucial reasons why:

  1. We have just nine years left for global warming to be kept to a maximum of 1.5C, beyond which even half a degree will significantly worsen the risks of drought, floods, extreme heat and poverty for hundreds of millions of people. That’s really not long!
  2. Climate breakdown will impact us all, but it will affect the poor and black communities the most; particularly those living in the global south.

Nine years to make a difference.

My son is three. What shall I tell him about what his parents did to help curb climate change, if we don’t make that target?

We are responsible now for the world our future generations inhabit.

In fact, the global warming that’s changing our climate is already having dire consequences.

In just the past few decades: rising temperatures have worsened extreme weather events, chunks of ice in the Antarctic have broken apart, wildfire seasons are months longer, coral reefs have been bleached of their colors, mosquitoes are expanding their territory, able to spread disease.

So this is why I care.

Yes I am not perfect: I beat myself up about that enough as it is, but:

We owe it upon the future generations not to waste time condemning each other behind each others’ backs, but to seriously think about what we can all do to make change.

If you also care and you’d like to share your story here, I’d love to hear from you.

  • You might be on the frontline of climate crisis, suffering from air pollution, wildfires, floods, drought or decline in fish stocks.
  • You may be a changemaker, trying to influence a sector, an organisation or politicians.
  • You may be an everyday climate custodian, trying to change the habits of your family, community or friends to be more planet friendly.

You may be one of these, or all three.

Whatever you do, however you are doing it, it all counts. All voices are important on the issue of climate crisis.

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