About Climate Crisis And Me

The Climate Crisis And Me Project exists to catalogue the global community’s voice on climate crisis.

Climate breakdown will impact us all, but a sad and pressing fact is it will affect the poor and black communities the most; particularly those living in the global south.

With this in mind Climate Crisis And Me aims to create an inclusive record of climate breakdown from all perspectives; from people of every race, age and economic standing, but with particular effort to include the voices of those who have been historically excluded and who will be impacted the most by climate breakdown.

It aims to help educate people about the impact of climate crisis on these communities and motivate them to take action, on an individual, business or Governmental level.

It also serve as a space where people can share tips on how to live more environmentally consciously. The founder Julia Bullas, will be documenting her journey as a #GuiltyGreenMum having a reality check on going green; sharing her experiences of untangling herself from the riddle of convenience-based consumer living that we now live in.

You might be on the frontline of climate crisis, suffering from air pollution, wildfires, floods, drought or decline in fish stocks.

You may be a changemaker, trying to influence a sector, an organisation or politicians.

You may be an everyday climate custodian, trying to change the habits of your family, community or friends to be more planet friendly.

You may be one of these, or all three.

Whatever you do, however you are doing it, it all counts.

If you are experiencing the impact of climate crisis or if you are trying to influence others, please share your story

All voices are important on the issue of climate crisis.

Some people deny that climate breakdown is happening, but there is compelling evidence that the world is heating rapidly, oceans are warming and glaciers are retreating.

The impact of this will be profound and will be felt greatest by the poor, developing countries and those who are already disadvantaged.

We don’t have time to waste.

So please, send me your stories. Tell other people to send me their stories. Send me your Grandfather’s story, your aunt’s story, your sister’s story or your friend’s.

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live.

Say as much or as little as you like.

By sharing your story you’re showing the world that you care, that climate crisis is faced by people everyday and it is an urgent problem to discuss.

You may even inspire and motivate others to make changes along the way.

Share how you are trying to make a change to help the environment or how you are experiencing the impact of climate breakdown by filling in a brief form here.

If you prefer, you can email me at contact@climatecrisisandme.com and I can upload your story for you.

Please note

Most entries will appear unedited as part of a constantly updating stream of stories.

Entries may also be quoted on Climate Crisis And Me social media accounts.

From time to time I may also ask a contributor if I can turn their story into a feature.

Entries may also be quoted in newspaper and magazine articles or in other Climate Crisis And Me publications.

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