Hey, hello, how you doing? Thanks for popping by…

This blog is my space to chat about all the things I get fired up about and those that simply make my heart tick: the environment, art, family, politics (mainly equality and human rights) and the odd bit of travel.

I’m a mother of two boys living on the South Coast of the UK. I may be English on paper, but I am staunchly proud of the bits of European ancestry I am aware of. As a comms officer at an NHS hospital and former journalist, I live my life wrapped in stories. I love researching them, writing them, telling them and sharing them.

My head is always fizzing with ideas for art, I dream of being an eco DIY Queen, taking part in triathlons, joining every protest I feel passionate about and exploring every inch of this fascinating planet.

But most nights I settle for a cup of hot chocolate and an episode of Sex Education or Married at First Sight.

The blog is going to share my own stories, tips, encounters, advice, and lessons that result from my travails along my key themes.

I hope to somehow entertain and educate those of you who do read on and, and when you click away, I hope you leave happy you stumbled onto this site.  In return I hope to learn from you, and perhaps you’ll help me pursue this site’s charitable mission.