How to bank ethically to help the environment: a summary of UK climate friendly banks

Banks have funded some of the most devastating fossil fuel projects in the world. Here’s how to switch your bank account to help create a cleaner planet.

The interview with a model that awoke my activist side

I always thought I lived as environmentally consciously as I could. I don’t buy plastic bottles and litter pick when I can; I drive a hybrid electric car, use reusable nappies for my baby, vote for local Government candidates who I think will bring in a greener economy and I petition against policies I thinkContinue reading “The interview with a model that awoke my activist side”

How to help with the NSW and Queensland bushfires

If you’ve been watching the nightmarish images on television about the Australian wildfires and feeling numb there is something you can do. You can donate, volunteer or petition to support the people, communities and wildlife affected by the disaster. Take a look below for some ideas. Petition  This catastrophe needs awareness and real action. SigningContinue reading “How to help with the NSW and Queensland bushfires”